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We create content that people want to watch and implement strategies that drive sales



We start by discovering the ideal target audience experience and then craft the right message to reach them.


We create amazing video marketing that engages the viewer and converts them into paying customers.


We optimize the campaign throughout the process so that your marketing dollar goes further.


Done For You Marketing

We will develop the strategy, method, message, content, and campaign. You just sit back and enjoy the sales.

In-House Production

Video isn’t just an interest, it’s our passion. We have the best camera gear and top professionals with years of experience.

Full Campaign Management

Video is only the beginning. We can build your landing pages, sales funnels, email automation, and more.

let your CREATIVE

do the targeting

Grabbing people’s attention on social media is like trying to catch a unicorn in a hurricane! With so much content vying for their eyeballs, it’s harder than ever to stand out and make a lasting impression. But don’t worry, you just need the right tools and the right plan – great creative and great strategy.

We incorporate targeted messages into the creative of our videos. The result, ads that not only reach the right audience, but also make a big impact. Think of it as the ultimate one-two punch – creative targeting and strategic implementation, working together to knock your advertising goals out of the park.

Make Us Look Cool!

Making automated tube end forming look epic.

We love seeing our clients win

Success Stories

Video marketing can be the linchpin in the success of a business and for many of our clients, it has been directly responsible for helping them achieve the next level of growth they’ve always wanted.

Learn from the pros

Video Marketing Training

With over 100,000 subscribers and millions of views, our video training has become the g0-to resource for businesses wanting to leverage the full power of video. All this content, over 500 videos, is available FREE to you.

Industry Experts

Our team produces some of the top training available for video marketers.


powered by

the AWARD-WINNING team at Creative Edge Productions

Wisconsin’s leading video production studio


powered by

the AWARD-WINNING team at Creative Edge Productions


with over

15 YEARS of experience



I would equate working with Creative Edge similar to that of comedy central meets Steve Jobs. They make it fun with a lot of side-splitting laughter but they also get down to business and provide us with creative ideas. The reason we enjoy partnering with Creative Edge is because they help us live up to our mantra of reach higher. What they really do well is take our ideas and bring them to life in a way that we never thought possible. And they make it easy! The only goal that I have for them is that when we present the creative to our clients that they are always more than pleased with the results. Thanks for making us look great!

Lisa Pritzl

Producer, Prophit Marketing

Your budget constraints never limit the quality they deliver; they’re experts at stretching your $. Plus, having access to their top-notch equipment and superior expertise offers you one of the best values in the Upper Midwest. Give em a call…and say hi for me.

Miles Anthony Smith

Marketing Consultant, Why Stuff Sucks

The production is the best you would see in any industry. They put my show on the same level as larger networks like The Food Network. From the filming, to editing, directing, and sound quality, there is no other production team I know that can do what they do. I would recommend Creative Edge for any filming needs from personal to business. Oh, and they are very much fun to work with.

Ace Champion

Celebrity Chef, Cook Like A. Champion TV Series

The group at Creative Edge are not only excellent at what they do, but they are also great to work with! We hired them to create our branding video and had nothing but great reviews and client conversions because of it. We even had other larger production companies comment on how impressed they were with the level and quality of the production value our video had. They really got our message across, and we would definitely hire again for future productions. Thanks Creative Edge!

Bradley Ruh

CFP® ChFC®, Financial Strategies

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About Us

Creative Edge Productions is our full-service video production studio and Creative Edge  Concepts is our video marketing agency. We specialize in creating dynamic video content that catches the eye of your audience and using that to create marketing campaigns that get results. We have Hollywood-level camera equipment and decades of experience to maximize your investment in video marketing.

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